A collective working environment for professionals, entrepreneurs and innovators. The members have access to the common talents and knowledge of the coworkers, creating a mutual collaborative environment and interaction that is invaluable to small businesses, independent workers and growing organizations.

Coworking is a working space concept of the new era where people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and business knowledge sit down and put together these ideas under a single roof. These individuals and companies are provided with a fully functional work space and a web of investors and knowledgeable mentors along with events for networking, gaining and sharing knowledge.

Choose a shared workspace according to your liking . Coworking space lets you access a full time office but with an economic option of paying only for the number of desks you work at. Choose your own permanent desk or sit wherever you’d like each day through a hot desking setup, available on a first come, first served basis.


Reasonable, Versatile Coworking Space

Get access to general memberships at a budget friendly rate. Choice is provided on the types of work spaces available like traditional desks, collaboration tables, and lounge areas to work from.

High speed Wi-Fi

Turbo speed Wi-Fi powered by IT Decisions. The availability of the option to hard wire in Private Offices and Dedicated Desks ensures tireless performance.

Meeting Space, Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are open and accessible to all members who are increasingly urged to use the greater open space to host events, classes and workshops.

Free Stuff

Coffee, snacks, copy-print-scan facilities, office supplies and your favorite music are offered free of cost because we’re sweet.

Join us.

Hot Desk

Rs 8000/Monthly

Hot-desking is all about finding a desk within an office space. Typically, you find hot-desking in already established businesses that have additional desks within their space to utilize. This does suit some people as you get to sit next to someone new every day.


Dedicated Desk

Rs 7500 /Monthly

Reserved co-working space, your own dedicated desk, with all the benefits of a full-time office in a shared office space. Dedicated desk with a bit more privacy and includes a lockable filing cabinet to store your personal belongings at the end of the day.  Phone booths are available for private calls.


Private Office

Starts @  Rs 24000 /Monthly

It provides a sense of security that you can lock your door. It also offers workers the advantage of escaping from the perceived peering eyes and ears around the office. 

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