Introducing Applied Bootcamp Series

First in the Industry

Learn from experts how emerging technology is used in the Industry and how startups can make an impact to corporates, government with the right tools.

Blockchain in the Industry Series

Very widely used in the industry and often misunderstood, Blockchain has provided use cases in multiple industries including Finance, Supply Chain, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity etc. However, a lot of interesting work in Blockchain is happening behind close doors. Be the first to take a sneak peak


Learn Anywhere

Get Access to the bootcamp from Anywhere in the world.


Learn from Experts

Industry leaders, policy makers and people who use Blockchain in their teams. See what they are doing and how you can help.


Get Certified

Participation certificate from leading Institutions and Govt. Recognised Organizations

Personalised Growth

The serious focus on multiple Industry verticles and beginer, intermediate and expert classes. Pick your domain and accelerate.

Applied Machine Learning

From image recognition to voice, anomaly detection to intrusion – AI and ML are evolving at a rapid pace. Technology has made it very simple to get started but it’s not enough to excel. Learn what separates a boring company from AI company


Targetted Learning

Choose the domain, then choose the technology. AI is not just about the domain anymore. It has various fields to choose from. Be the Jack of All Trades and understand all fields but Master how well AI applies to one field.


Fine-Tune your skills

Get industry leaders to explain the problems they are facing and how they intend to solve it. Learn from practical experience and see what it takes to hone your skills.

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