inQ offers start up entrepreneurs to direct more resources toward the establishment or growth of the business. We provide affordable shared services, access to office equipment and technology, flexible leases and room for expansion. Readily available resources, mentors and networking opportunities allow aspirant young entrepreneurs to create a solid foundation and prepare for the move into their own facility.

To get incubated as a startup at our nursery, we follow a simple sieving procedure:

Receiving idea

Idea screening

Idea presentation

Decision meetings

Meeting with applicants/ teams

Agreement between inQ and the qualified applicants to take the incubated companies to the next round of funding and support.


Seed Funding

inQ is a model in development of innovative business propositions. It incubates and nurtures your start up business by providing the seed funding and succours it throughout the course of maturing so that it becomes a part of the global business ecosystem. Our expertise mentors help to develop your skills and knowledge that will maximise business potential and improve performance. Transfer of knowledge, skills and experience.


Our mentoring team provides business and marketing assistance with research assistance, prototype developing assistance in their respective fields. Mentors will support the startups to develop a product or service using advanced technology solutions and help them to achieve their goal.